Bayesian statistics for undergrads

On June 13 at Olin College, Sanjoy Mahajan and I are offering a workshop for college instructors interested in teaching Bayesian statistics to undergrads.  More information about this and the other workshops is here.  Here’s the description: Bayesian Statistics for Undergraduates Bayesian statistics is a powerful approach to problems involving probability, to making and judging statistical […]

Epic Munchkin Win!

So, there I was, on Level 8, equipped with my Boots of Butt-Kicking, Gentleman’s Club, Really Impressive Title, fetching Leather Armor, and a Rat on a Stick.  Add it up, I’m fighting at Level 18. I kick in the door, and what do my wondering eyes behold?  An Undead Horse! No problem, I say. I […]