Epic Munchkin Save

More than nine years after my Epic Munchkin Win, today I made an epic Munchkin save.

My Level 9 opponent kicked open the door and found a Level 2 Monster Under the Bed, which was +2 against him for being a Dwarf, for a total of 4.

Fighting at Level 25, my opponent was winning by a lot. No one could mess with him, so it seemed like the game was over.

In desperation, I played the Duck of Many Things.

So I did the following, in this order:

  1. I drew a card from the player on my left. It was a Wandering Monster. If I had a monster in my hand, it could have been a game saver! But I did not.
  2. I gave a Cleric to the player on my right (the one in combat).
  3. I took the top discarded deck, which was a Level 14 Insurance Salesman!
  4. I sang “I think this is going to work!”
  5. I could not go up a level, because I was on Level 9.
  6. I discarded two cards.
  7. I discarded the Duck.

Then I played the Insurance Salesman as a Wandering Monster, bringing the monsters up to 18. And, because levels don’t count against the Insurance Salesman, it brought my opponent down to 16.

The Duck swung the combat by 23 levels!

With no more tricks up his sleeve, my opponent had to run away, and the game was saved.

[A few rounds later, with everyone stuck on Level 9 and no end in sight, we declared a four-way shared victory.]