Epic Munchkin Win!

So, there I was, on Level 8, equipped with my Boots of Butt-Kicking, Gentleman’s Club, Really Impressive Title, fetching Leather Armor, and a Rat on a Stick.  Add it up, I’m fighting at Level 18.


I kick in the door, and what do my wondering eyes behold?  An Undead Horse!


No problem, I say. I am winning, 18 to 4, unless someone wants to mess with me.

And that’s when my older daughter, let’s call here Goneril, plays King Tut, bringing 16 levels of monster to the party.


Fortunately, I have a handy Magic Missile, bringing me to Level 23 and back to winning.


Unless someone wants to mess with me.

And that’s when Goneril pipes up again (how sharper than a serpent’s tooth!) with a wandering Plutonium Dragon.

Now I’m fighting three monsters with a total or 40 levels, singlehanded.


Or am I?  Because all of a sudden, there are two of me!


Now we’re at Level 41 and winning by a nose.

Unless someone wants to mess with me?

And that’s when my younger daughter, let’s call her Regan, plays the Potion of Idiotic Bravery on the Plutonium Dragon, tipping the balance to 42-41, and I’m losing.


But I have one more card in my hand, a Help Me Out Here, which allows me to steal the Bad-Ass Bandana from Regan’s head, bringing the score to 44-42, and an epic win for the forces of good!


In the aftermath, I gain 5 levels, topping out at Level 13, and collect 11 treasures and the game.

Hey Steve Jackson: best Munchkin win ever?