Bayesian statistics at Orbitz

Yesterday I was in Chicago for a full-day workshop on Bayesian statistics at Orbitz Worldwide.  In the morning I presented “Learning to Love Bayesian Statistics”, an overview of Bayesian approaches and my attempt to debunk the myths.  The attendees seemed interested, and asked great questions.  Their photographer was kind enough to share some photos from […]

University College at Twente

This week I am visiting the University College at Twente, which is in the process of creating a new program in Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS).  When I arrived yesterday, they were just putting the new sign on the building: Today I am teaching two workshops, one based on the Joy and Beauty […]

SciPy 2015 talks posted

The talks and posters for SciPy 2015 have been posted, and I’m happy to report that two of them are mine.  I’ll be presenting Will Millennials Ever Get Married? Survival Analysis and Marriage Data Recent studies report that an increasing share of Americans have never married, which suggests that current young adults might marry at […]

Last day of Signals and Systems 2015

For the last day of Signals and Systems we had a design session where students and some visiting faculty made concept maps of the topics we covered this semester, then we redesigned the class, generating a lot of ideas for things we might do differently (better?) next time. We heard a lot of thoughtful suggestions, […]

Statistics workshops at SciPy 2015

The tutorial schedule for SciPy2015 has been posted, and I am happy to announce that Chris Fonnesbeck and I are offering a two-session sequence on Computational Statistics. Here’s the description for my Computational Statistics I: Statistical inference is a fundamental tool in science and engineering, but it is often poorly understood. This tutorial uses computational […]