Meeting Jeff and Chuck at PyCon 2015

One of the joys of working on free books is the chance to collaborate with people all over the world.  The Python version of How to Think Like a Computer Scientist was translated by Jeff Elkner in 2000 (plus or minus), but I never met him in person until PyCon 2013!

This year, I finally met Charles “Dr. Chuck” Severance, who wrote Python for Informatics, which started as a modified version of How to Think, but has transmogrified into a substantially different new book, which Chuck uses in his Coursera online classes.

Chuck made a short video of our meeting at PyCon:

And Jeff wrote this blog post about his work on Open Educational Resources.

It was great to meet Chuck in person, and to see Jeff again.  I am grateful to them both for their contributions to the ongoing experiment (and adventure) of writing free books!