Bayesian statistics at Orbitz

Yesterday I was in Chicago for a full-day workshop on Bayesian statistics at Orbitz Worldwide.  In the morning I presented “Learning to Love Bayesian Statistics”, an overview of Bayesian approaches and my attempt to debunk the myths.  The attendees seemed interested, and asked great questions.  Their photographer was kind enough to share some photos from the event; here’s a shot from the discussion that broke out after the talk:

20150528-Orbitz-Downey Session-0002

Later I presented a customized version of my workshop, “Bayesian Statistics Made Simple.”  Again, it was a great group of people with lots of excellent and challenging questions.  As always, it’s interesting for me to hear about the problems people are working on and to apply data science tools to new challenges.

I was only in Chicago for 36 hours, but I got to walk around quite a bit, and enjoyed the city (and the perfect weather!).