Last day of Signals and Systems 2015

For the last day of Signals and Systems we had a design session where students and some visiting faculty made concept maps of the topics we covered this semester, then we redesigned the class, generating a lot of ideas for things we might do differently (better?) next time. We heard a lot of thoughtful suggestions, […]

Statistics workshops at SciPy 2015

The tutorial schedule for SciPy2015 has been posted, and I am happy to announce that Chris Fonnesbeck and I are offering a two-session sequence on Computational Statistics. Here’s the description for my Computational Statistics I: Statistical inference is a fundamental tool in science and engineering, but it is often poorly understood. This tutorial uses computational […]

PyCon 2015

  I was at PyCon 2015 last week, where I taught my tutorial on Bayesian statistics again.  My slides and the video are here. I also taught a new tutorial on Statistical Inference.  The slides and video are here. Other fun things I did: Python trivia night with Brandon Rhodes, a book signing where I […]