Sound processing in Python

At SciPy 2015 I’ll present a short talk on sound processing in Python, based on my book-in-progress, Think DSP, and the class I helped teach this spring.  I’ve been preparing the talk this week; it is almost ready to go!  The current draft of the slides is here, and the accompanying notebook is here. Here’s […]

A week at Insper in São Paulo

Last week I was in São Paulo, Brazil to visit Insper, a small private college in the process of starting a new engineering program.  The first semester of the program, with the first group of 90 students, is wrapping up this week. The engineering faculty at Insper have been working with Olin for several years.  Their […]

Will Millennials ever get married?

In the last few weeks I’ve been to the Netherlands and Chicago, and tomorrow I am off to Brazil.  But I spent most of this week in my office, enjoying the luxury of working on just one thing: a paper about survival analysis and marriage patterns in the U.S.  I just submitted it for review, […]

Getting ready for SciPy

My SciPy strategy has gone horribly wrong.  I submitted two talks and a tutorial with the expectation that 1.0 of my proposals would be accepted, on average.  But the vagaries of the binomial distribution bit me: all three were accepted.  So I am scrambling to get ready. My tutorial on statistical inference is ready to […]

Summer Institute at Olin College

This week I am one of several Olin professors helping out with the Olin Collaboratory Summer Institute.  This year we have 55 participants, including faculty from universities around the country (like Oklahoma and Vermont) and the world (like Saudia Arabia, India, and Australia). During the first half of the week, we lead workshops where participants learn tools […]

Learning to Love Bayesian Statistics at ODSC

This weekend I was at the Open Data Science Conference, here in Boston, for a book signing (with thanks to the nice people at O’Reilly Media) and to present “Learning to Love Bayesian Statistics”.  Here’s an audience shot of the presentation (with thanks to @kjchoi101):   My slides are at  Video should be available […]