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Report from SciPy 2015

Last week I was in Austin, TX for SciPy 2015.

On Monday afternoon I sat in on a tutorial on multibody dynamics using SymPy, lead by Jason Moore and Jim Crist.  I learned a ton.

Tuesday I ran my tutorial, Computational Statistics I, then sat in on Chris Fonnnesbeck’s Computational Statistics II.  Here’s an action shot from the afternoon session:

Wednesday I presented a talk called “Will Millennials Ever Get Married?” which included results from a survival analysis I applied to data from the NSFG.  Here’s the view from the back of the room, a few minutes before I went on:

And in the afternoon I presented a talk called “Basic Sound Processing in Python”, based on material from Think DSP.  So the first few days were busy!

After that, there were a lot of excellent presentations and I got to talk with lots of interesting people.  But it was nice to take it easy.  Thursday night we went on a river boat to see the bats.  I didn’t get a good photo of the bats, but here’s a twilight shot of downtown Austin:

Overall an excellent conference.  Many thanks to the organizers!

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Bayesian Data Science workshops starting July 22

This summer I am offering a series of workshops on Bayesian statistics.  The first workshop, based on the tutorial I taught at PyCon, will be offered July 22 and August 10.  Then on August 18 I am rolling out a new workshop with more advanced material.

This web page has more details about the workshop.

The workshops will be at the Cambridge Innovation Center (in Cambridge) starting at 9am.

Here’s what it looks like when I teach a workshop.  You can tell I’m pretty serious.

20150528-Orbitz-Downey Session-0002

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