Report from SciPy 2015

Last week I was in Austin, TX for SciPy 2015.

On Monday afternoon I sat in on a tutorial on multibody dynamics using SymPy, lead by Jason Moore and Jim Crist.  I learned a ton.

Tuesday I ran my tutorial, Computational Statistics I, then sat in on Chris Fonnnesbeck’s Computational Statistics II.  Here’s an action shot from the afternoon session:

Wednesday I presented a talk called “Will Millennials Ever Get Married?” which included results from a survival analysis I applied to data from the NSFG.  Here’s the view from the back of the room, a few minutes before I went on:

And in the afternoon I presented a talk called “Basic Sound Processing in Python”, based on material from Think DSP.  So the first few days were busy!

After that, there were a lot of excellent presentations and I got to talk with lots of interesting people.  But it was nice to take it easy.  Thursday night we went on a river boat to see the bats.  I didn’t get a good photo of the bats, but here’s a twilight shot of downtown Austin:

Overall an excellent conference.  Many thanks to the organizers!