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Month: March 2024

Think Python Goes to Production

Think Python Goes to Production

Think Python has moved into production, on schedule for the official publication date in July — but maybe earlier if things go well.

To celebrate, I have posted the next batch of chapters on the new site, up through Chapter 12, which is about Markov text analysis and generation, one of my favorite examples in the book. From there, you can follow links to run the notebooks on Colab.

And we have a cover!

The new animal is a ringneck parrot, I’ve been told. I will miss the Carolina parakeet that was on the old cover, which was particularly apt because it is an ex-parrot. Nevertheless, I think the new cover looks great!

Huge thanks to Sam Lau and Luciano Ramalho for their technical reviews. Both made many helpful corrections and suggestions that improved the book. Sam is an expert on learning to program with AI assistants. And Luciano was inspired by the turtles to make an improved module for turtle graphics in Jupyter, called jupyturtle. Here’s an example of what it looks like (from Chapter 5):

If you have a chance to check out the current draft, and you have any corrections or suggestions, please create an issue on GitHub.

And if you would like a copy of the book as soon as possible, you can read the Early Release version and order from O’Reilly here or pre-order the third edition from Amazon.