Chasing the Overton Window

Chasing the Overton Window

On November 9 I presented a talk at PyData NYC with the title “Chasing the Overton Window“.

The video from this talk is now available:

This talk is based on a chapter of my forthcoming book called Probably Overthinking It that is about using evidence and reason to answer questions and make better decisions. If you would like to get an occasional update about the book, please join my mailing list.

Here are the slides for the talk.

The results I reported are from 16 questions from the General Social Survey (GSS). If you would like to see the text of the questions, and answer them yourself, you can

Fill out this survey.

I summarized the results from the survey in these slides.

If you would like to read more about the topic of the talk, I’ve written two related blog posts:

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